Our tennesseeBARNproject began when we learned that a historic barn near our workshop would soon be wrecked and burned to make way for a subdivision. We offered to buy the barn and disassemble it with care, in order to make new use of thousands of feet of old-growth oak. Since then, we have acquired other barns, and have accumulated a healthy stock of some of the most valuable lumber available. Because this truly vintage wood was hewn from a mature old-growth tree, and left to weather for over 100 years, it has unmatched character.

Not only does the re-use of this barn wood preserve our heritage, it prevents the waste of tons of old-growth lumber. Our care and attention to detail assure that these barns’ new lives will last for many generations to come.

  • There is no other piece like it.

  • It is built to last a lifetime. Probably a couple.

  • It was salvaged from right here in Tennessee [so far…]

All prices include personal installation in your home in Williamson Co, TN. For an out of area shipping quote, or to place a custom order, feel free to get in touch.

If you would like to purchase a piece available for sale, or would like us to custom-build something for your home, we would love to talk with you. We are glad to visit your house to offer our design ideas, and get a sense for what your family would enjoy. If you need more inspiration, you are also welcome to stop by our workshop, and see the unique ‘barn-finds’ we have in stock. Talking is always free; you will only pay our fair prices when you decide to make a purchase.



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